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Custom Trade Show Exhibits using Panoramic H-Line

Simply put, the best fully modular frame system on the market for solving Exhibiting Companies biggest pain points with custom trade show exhibits.

BIG Pain Point #1- Multiple Booth Sizes at Multiple Shows

In the past, companies had to piece together different exhibit elements to fit different booth sizes often not matching and lacking in overall functionality.

Panoramic H-Line Solves this Problem

Other exhibit systems claim modularity, but the Panoramic H-Line panel system was designed specifically to add/ remove any panel to create the width and height needed for a range of booth sizes all while still being able to have full mural graphics spanning any size with a full range of options & accessories.

A true modular system that scales up or down based on any Booth Size:

start with a small booth and scale..... bigger

start with a large booth and scale..... smaller

BIG Pain Point #2- Setting Up a Booth is too Hard and Takes too Long

Your time is best spent being fresh for when the Convention Center doors open where you will be on your feet for 2 or 3 days, not setting up your booth.

Panoramic H-Line Solves this Problem

Time is money and today, in Convention Centers across the country, there are exhibitors spending hours upon hours to set up their booth. You know who I'm talking about, the guys on ladders with screw guns putting together hard wall panels that are way too heavy.

With Panoramic H-Line, the panels are pre-assembled with your fabric graphics already installed. Simply pull a panel out of the crate (which are numbered on the ends), and use the quick connector to attach panels in minutes (not hours!) and head to the hotel pool for some R&R before your event starts!

Watch this short video below to 1 person set up this 10X20' in minutes

As Easy as Push, Turn, Lock

BIG Pain Point #3- Not having a Functional Booth

Panoramic H-Line Designed for "Functionality First"

Storage or Changing Rooms

Product Shelving

TV Monitor Mounts

Have a designated storage space or changing room designed into your exhibit.  Optional locking door to keep your personal items and/ or products secure both during the show and after hours

Display your product prominently using shelving with quick connectors.  Combine your custom graphics with shelving with your products for a truly branded experience.

Incorporate TV Monitors for an interactive experience for lead sign ups, marketing reels, software demos, internet access or any other application- all built into your exhibit.

Gridwall and Accessories

Counters with Locking Doors

Console Modules

Add merchandising accessories to easily display your products with a range of different gridwall options.

Incorporate Counters with Custom Printing to Match Your Booth with Optional Locking Doors for safe storage.

Need more counter top space?  Add the Console Module to any wall panel to create a meeting space or more surface area in your booth.

Trade Show Booth Design in REAL-TIME

The design for your next Custom Trade Show Exhibit may start on a napkin, but it comes alive in our 3D Render Software where we can create a layout for all of your booth sizes now and into the future.

Bring Your Vision to Life!

Customize with Your Branded Artwork

Our drag & drop software brings to life each element so you can get a visual of each configuration as well as the itemized quote no matter your booth size.

As a bonus, we can customize your renderings with your actual artwork so you can see exactly how it will look on the show floor before it enters production.

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Panoramic H-Line Portfolio

20ft Back Wall with Free-Standing TV Monitor Kiosk

20ft Panoramic H-Line Back Walls with Locking Counters

Custom Printed Mural Graphics with TV Monitor Mount and Counters

20ft Back Wall with Free-Standing TV Monitor Kiosk

10ft X 10ft Panoramic H-Line Exhibits with Podium and Side Walls

Brand the space between you and your neighbor

20ft Back Wall with Free-Standing TV Monitor Kiosk

30ft Panoramic H-Line Backlit Booth

Complete with Center Console, TV Monitors and Storage Room

20ft Back Wall with Free-Standing TV Monitor Kiosk

20ft Corner Booth with Fully Branded Walls

TV Monitor and Shelving

20ft Back Wall with Free-Standing TV Monitor Kiosk

20X30ft Booth with Full Backlit Walls, Towers and Storage

Bring your ideas to life with Panoramic-H Line Custom Trade Show Exhibts

20ft Back Wall with Free-Standing TV Monitor Kiosk

20X40ft Panoramic H-Line Custom Trade Show Booth

Complete with Archways, Towers, Lights, Storage, Wall Murals and More...

10X20ft Panoramic H-Line Custom Trade Show Booth with Shelves and Counter

Complete with Full Shelves, Center Console Module, Return Walls and Counter

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